Fishes in the Water

by Waterwitch

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Painting: Fishes in the Water by Adam Wolpert

Thank you for coming to this page to get an audio peek into our next Waterwitch album, "The Light Inside You"! Waterwitch is a collaboration between me and my partner in love and art, Brian Castillo.

More about The Light Inside You

The name of the project, The Light Inside You, comes from a line in “Prometheus,” one of the new songs on the album. Most songs were written in the past year and a half. This song cycle is about transformation, transitions, healing, the survival of our species, and love. Some, like “Fishes in the Water,” are about the joy of being alive in simple moments. Like all my previous albums, there is also a good dose of whimsy and fun. I am seeking the common thread of our humanity outside our limited cultural beliefs. I believe we need to move past dogmatic and narrow thinking about reality, to see other people and other beings on the planet as precious, as part of us.

In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to us humans. He was then brutally and eternally punished for this transgression—the gods did not want us to have such power, because they didn’t think we would use it responsibly. And you have to admit, they were right about that.

Harnessing fire is one of the most powerful technologies that humans have ever created--and fire is every bit as much a technology as a computer or a gun. Mastering the use of fire changed the game of survival (and comfort) enormously with our early ancestors. But like all technological breakthroughs, it brought new and unexpected problems as well.

Technology has the power to destroy us, and yet holds keys to the ultimate survival and thriving of our species on this beautiful planet. This is the deep truth the Greeks understood. In “Prometheus,” I imagine another path moving forward, with a willing return of some of our destructive technology back to the “gods”. As a species with such enormous power at our fingertips, it takes another level of maturity and consciousness to knowingly relinquish such destructive power. Can we do it? I don't know, but I can imagine.

We are by nature hierarchical so in some ways it feels "unnatural" to let go of power...but we are also by nature social and cooperative and loving. It takes nurturing the seeds of wisdom passed on through generations and through so many of our diverse human cultures to grow an understanding that we are all interconnected, that there never was any separation after all. Moving beyond the dangerous demonization of others and into acceptance, tolerance, and the love that all religions, spiritual paths, and non-religious humanistic traditions speak about.

The Golden Rule is a kind of "holy power" I think we can all understand.


The Fishes in the Water

Such a lovely day
With you down by the river
We’re finding mushrooms
Such a sweet delicate flower
In your hat’s brim

And I see so clearly
The fishes in the water

When you play your tune
Sounds like music made in heaven
The echoes are awesome
Let’s linger with the vines a-hanging down
Like slumbering snakes

And I see so clearly
The fishes in the water

When I wear my goggle-woggles
And dive in deep
While you stay warm


released August 22, 2016
Elizabeth: composition, guitar, vocals
Tyrrell Sweetman: cello
Robin Toye: percussion
Brian Castillo: electric guitar and engineering
Adam Wolpert: painting of goldfish


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Elizabeth Hummel Olympia, Washington

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