This track was commissioned by a father named Fayd, who sent me an essay with messages about life that he wanted to impart to his 6-year old son Boyd. My task was to put the essay into a song! I loved the challenge of writing it, imagining both the father and the son. All parents want to tell their kids "how to do life," but all they can do is give some general love and guidance, because every life and every path is unique. The song ended up being a message for myself, too. And the harmonies were really fun to sing!


There is a path before you
Sometimes you'll choose where you want to go
There is a path before you
Sometimes you'll lose your way

And on this path you'll find that
Sometimes you like where you are, sometimes its strange
You can often switch directions
But there are also things you cannot change

And I would tell you if I could
How to always go exactly where you want to
But life ain't like that
it twists and turns back
And only you can walk on your own path
No one else can walk your special path

With every step, goals can help you
To find the sweetest berries along the way
And you can dream your wildest dreams, son
Just keep your toes a wigglin' in the clay

And on this path, beware of
Trails that lure you off like glittering jewels
It's hard to get back, so please remember
You don't need to leap in every pool


There is a path before you
You will not know when you reach the end
And on this path, enjoy the sunshine
The songs of birds and the touch of a true friend


There is a path before you...


from Random Singles and Custom Songs, released October 14, 2018
Written by Elizabeth
Guitar and vocals by Elizabeth
Mixed and engineered by Brian Castillo


all rights reserved



Elizabeth Hummel Olympia, Washington

I have been writing songs most of my life. A good bit of recording and performing too. Money comes and goes, but the muse is precious and timeless. I pray that my songs help people through darkness as well as celebrate the light. This music is a village and I am not alone. I am deeply grateful to the many people who have helped me birth these songs in so many ways. You are the Love! ... more

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